Unakite Chip Bracelet Small

These bracelets are hand made with genuine crystals on a high quality stretch cord, making them effortless to take on and off. One size fits all. Unakite is a stone of balance, love, harmony, communication and compassion.
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Unakite Properties 

Unakite is a combination of Red Japer, Epidote and, occasionally, Quartz. It's a stone that unites the heart and mind, bringing balance and harmony to your relationships. The ultimate stone for living out the spirit of carpe diem, Unakite lives up to its reputation, especially with the nickname "living in the now". The magic of Unakite is its ability to inspire a sense of urgency as you realise how quickly time slips through your fingers. Keep its take-action spirit on standby and when life calls, hold tight to Unakite and get ready to start checking things off your bucket list. Its energy os s;pw and steady, teaching patience and surrender. Live in the now and forgive yourself for any past mistakes.