Tigers Eye Tumbed Tumbled

Tiger's Eye is a stone of courage, wealth and confidence. It's the stone you want with you or by your side while you prepare to ask for that promotion or raise. It encourages personal power & reminds you that it's okay to put yourself first.

Tiger's Eye Properties

Tiger's Eye encourages you to live boldly, fiercely and bravely. This stone helps boost courage to help overcome fear or take risks in your life. It helps to clear imbalances, leaving you feeling like the most powerful, confident version of yourself. Tiger's Eye is also especially impactful when it comes to attracting abundance and breaking through financial blocks. Known as the life coach of the crystal realm, it will support you in stepping out of your comfort zone and open you up to life-changing experiences. This stone helps you focus on your goals and say no to things that drain your energy - it's an ideal stone for people-pleasers. Tiger's Eye is also a grounding stone that will give you strength if you're feeling victimised or bullied.