Howlite Chip Bracelet Small

These bracelets are hand made with genuine crystals on a high quality stretch cord, making them effortless to take on and off. One size fits all. Howlite is a stone of balance, mindfulness and purpose.
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Howlite Properties 

Howlite is a stone of patience and perspective, for those who feel they need to slow it down, absorb and clear the mind. It's a crystal that marries you to a more mindful way of life. A protective stone that reduces stress. Howlites' calming energies can slow everything down, stop you overreacting and getting angry or violent. Known as a stone to aid insomnia, it exudes serenity and peace, giving you the upmost relaxation and comfort for you to fall asleep. It helps you to tune out the events of the day and truly be in the present. Time to switch off & take it easy !