Himalayan Salt Lamp - Large

Himalayan salt carries excellent purifying and cleansing energies. Don't have sage to cleanse your crystals? Place them on, in, or around Himalayan salt to cleanse the energies that have stored in your crystal collection!

Himalayan Salt Properties

Himalayan salt is fossilised sea salt that formed from marine deposits one 250 million years ago. Often used for relaxation, it exudes purity and has an extremely calming presence, which is way it is frequently used in baths or as a massage stone. You can use Himalayan salt in numerous ways to benefits your life. For example, you could use it to cleanse and purify any of the Chakras, it promotes healthy ageing, goodwill & offers thyroid support. This mineral combines the energies of the sun, the earth, the stars and the sea. It is also said that if in a lamp form, it can help reduce the amount of positive ions in a room ( that increases with electronic devices ) & replace them with negative ions.