Goldstone Drilled Tumbled Pendant

Goldstone is also known for encouraging generosity, joy, confidence and courage. As Goldstone heightens your sense of joy and courage, it means that you can let your heart be wide open when it comes to manifesting the life that you desire.

Goldstone Properties

Goldstone is a manmade glass containing crystallised copper. It is often referred to as the stone of ambition, it is thought Goldstone assists in attaining goals. It is believed to release tension, revitalise the wearer and encourage a positive attitude. It was made by man, but inspired by nature, becoming a bridge between the two. Known as a divine detox stone, Goldstone is here to renew your spirit, body and mind. Copper is known for its' ability to fight inflammation and supporting the body's natural healing process. Blue goldstone is ideal for empaths as it helps to clear the Throat Chakra so you can implement your boundaries. Red Goldstone is infused with passion and confidence, while grounding you to the Earth & opening up your Root Chakra.