Kyanite Gold Plated Pendant

Kyanite is a purifying, cleansing and grounding stone. Supporting the Crown & Throat Chakras, it opens up your intuition while helping you say what you want to say. It invites you to listen & speak up at the same time. Size : 4-5 cm Weight : 8 grams
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Kyanite Properties

Kyanite is full of positivity, it's a stone that inspires strong connections, loyalty, & kind and compassionate communication in a way that doesn't slip into people-pleasing patterns. Kyanite will guide you to find your voice so that you can use it to share your story. Also known as a peacemaker stone, Kyanite can defuse anger and frustrations, bringing calm and clarity, dissolving any confusion or blockages. It is also a self cleansing stone - meaning you never need to cleanse it as it doesn't collect or hold negative energy. Kyanite also can act as a protection shield to prevent negative influences affecting you.