Clear Quartz Orgone Pyramid - Small

Orgone Pyramids are used to cleanse negative energy and to counteract the effects electromagnetic waves have on our body. It can help improve your life physically, emotionally and spiritually. 18 grams in weight.

Clear Quartz Properties

The properties of Clear Quartz properties reflect the crystal's aesthetic. With this crystal, it's all about clarity, light and reflection. It's also an excellent amplifier, meaning it will increase the energy of the crystals surrounding it. The healing properties of Clear Quartz allow anyone connected to the stone to become s clear as their crystal. Clear Quartz helps manifesting, making decisions, and sampling clearing your mind. For the reasons of listed, Clear Quartz is often referred to as the aster crystal. Pair it with some Rose Quartz if you are really looking to heal your heart chakra or give yourself the upmost self-love. It also is arguably the most universal crystal, as it can channel the energies of other crystals, if need be. This high-vibration stone emanates pure white light to help cleanse your energy, balance your chakras while energising your mind, body and spirit.