Citrine Power Bracelet

These power bracelets are hand made with genuine 8 mm crystals on a high quality stretch cord, making them effortless to take on and off. Round beads are quite beneficial to use, as the energetic vibration is radiating more evenly. One size fits all.
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Citrine Properties

Also known as the "Light Maker", Citrine has a bright yellow hue, which reflects its equally vibrant energy. Like Vitamin C for the soul, the Citrine properties emanate positivity and joy. From your attitude and outlook to your projects and pursuits, Citrine is perfectly suited to raise your vibration and help you embrace positivity and optimism as you move through life. A stone of confidence, Citrine helps you remain focused on your career endeavours while preparing you to seize the day. Citrine is also a self-cleansing stone, so no need to cleanse it after each use.